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Why Wendy Williams Says She’s Fighting For Control Of Her Money

Wendy Williams is in the midst of a legal battle against Wells Fargo over control of her finances. Her lawyer told how the talk show host says she has been affected by the ordeal.

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The daytime talk show host, who indefinitely retired from The Wendy Williams Show more than six months ago due to “ongoing medical problems,” has spent her time out of the spotlight battling Wells Fargo over control of her finances.

Williams said Wells Fargo has denied her access to her financial assets and statements over allegations that she is “not of sanity,” according to a signed affidavit she filed with the New York State Supreme Court in February and obtained by E! News.

The TV personality also claimed that by denying her access to bank accounts, which she says contain “several millions of dollars,” Wells Fargo “is causing imminent and irreparable financial damage to myself, my family and my business.”

Now, in an exclusive interview with E! News, Williams’ attorney LaShawn Thomas doubled down on her claims. While Williams can “pay for food and the like” in her day-to-day life, Thomas said her client still can’t “log in to her online accounts and see what happens to her assets,” including “what items have been debited from her.” bills.”

“She is concerned that this issue has dragged on for quite some time,” Thomas said. “We certainly didn’t think that given the length of relationship she’s had with Wells Fargo, they would work this out as well as they did.”

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