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Have you always wanted to know something about wholesale fashion accessories? As long as the world and man exist, there will always be a demand for fashion accessories all over the world. Extreme Largeness Wholesale has been making colorful products since 2004. They have their own design team committed to manufacturing their products wherever possible. If you’re looking to restock your inventory to appeal to customers, Extreme Largeness Wholesale has you covered.

Extreme Largeness Wholesale has a huge range of unique fashion accessories that you can’t resist. They offer minimum order quantity which is quite low with reliable customer service. The cost of their service depends on the weight of the product purchased.

For locations such as the UK, an order of up to 1kg will be charged at £5.70. Within a weight of 1 kg – 5 kg, £7.50 will be charged. Weight over 5 kg will be charged at £9.00. For Northern Ireland (up to 2kg) £15.00 will be charged for a weight of 2kg and below, while a weight over 2kg will cost £25.00.

For international shipping, Extreme Largeness Wholesale uses a multi-courier quote service to get shipping rates that are budget-friendly, fast, and tracked. The costs for shipping orders to countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey are on average £20. For Austria, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Poland it is £19. For Czech Republic , Finland, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, Cyprus, Greece it is £35. The cost of orders is determined according to the zoning of countries.

Extreme Largeness Wholesale offers great premium designs on a range of patches, pins, decals and hats. Each of these accessories has its shipping quirks. The hats that are excellent winter warmers, for example, are not eligible for an order discount. They are stitched to order, delivery time 3-4 working days.

Extreme Largeness Wholesale offers a variety of iron on patches for wholesale shipping. They are listed below:

Charity Patches Cat Patches Cute Patches Goth Patches LGBT Patches Moon Patches Occult Patches Rainbow Patches Vegan Patches

Under the pin category there are:

Charity Pins Cat Pins Feminist Pins Funny Pins Goth Pins LGBTQ Pins Occult Enamel Pins RuPaul and Drag Queen Pins

Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Under the category of stickers there are: Feminist stickers LGBTQ stickers Occult stickers

For the hats there are:

LGBT and Pride hats Rainbow hats Occult hats Goth hats Funny hats Black hats Pink hats Mustard hats Lilac hats


So if you are looking for some fashion accessories in bulk then Extreme Largeness Wholesale should be your mind as they not only offer variety but also have a way to convey them to you no matter your location. Of course, the shipping costs are budget-friendly, you don’t have to sell your products for an outrageous price afterwards to make a profit.

Customer satisfaction is a priority in the fashion accessory industry. Extreme Large Wholesale guarantees you customer satisfaction because it is constantly evolving in its fashion creation.

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