Who Is A Rock And Roll Fashion Designer

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How did rock stars influence fashion?

Before the boy from Memphis first shimmied his way onstage, fashion and music were only connected in as much as artists had to wear something when they performed. After him, rock stars would be the biggest influence on what young people wore for the next half a century.

What is Rock n’Roll?

Rock n’roll is a mix of old country and blues. Pay homage to those country roots with this western shirt and a devilish color way. The athletic waist band on this jacket gives it so much personality.

Is rock music still relevant in fashion?

Admittedly, rock music’s immediate fashion influence has waned over the last decade, as menswear has become more risk-taking and guitars have been supplanted at the sharp end of the charts by synths and drum machines. But its legacy endures – so much so that they may as well hand out leather jackets with every Fender Stratocaster.

Who is Stevie Nicks'fashion designer?

In 1977, Kent, a trained designer, had been on her own for two years with a rock 'n' roll costumes business before she started working with Nicks. Kent designed clothes for the opening band on one of Fleetwood Mac's tours.

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