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Who Benefits From Fashion Forecasting

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Is fashion forecasting a good career for You?

If you enjoy keeping on top of the latest fashion trends, then forecasting might just be the career for you. Fashion forecasters are the backbone of the industry, ensuring designers and retailers are creating clothes that are on trend as well as on brand.

How do Fashion forecasters predict fashion trends?

Fashion forecasters predict which silhouettes colours, textures, fabrics, graphics, prints, footwear, accessories, etc. will be the forthcoming trends on the runway and in retail stores from season to season. They do this by examining new and emerging trends across all industries, to see how they may influence future fashion trends.

Is fashion forecasting a subject in fashion designing course?

These fashion designing institutes have fashion forecasting as a subject in their course. Fashion forecast may also vary from brand to brand. Many big companies have their own team of fashion forecasters which predict trend of four to six seasons in a year.

What is trend forecasting?

Trend forecasting is the act of predicting fashion trends for future collections. At the start of trend forecasting, the available sources were often fashion shows, social and political trends, and sales data.



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