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Which Group Sets Fashion Trends

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Who are the trendsetters in fashion?

No longer confined to elites, trendsetters are drawn from many social groups, and most trends have short trajectories. To assess the impact of fashion on women, Crane uses voices of college-aged and middle-aged women who took part in focus groups.

How Gen Z is changing the fashion industry?

It is trickle across theory where the lure of aesthetic experience has given rise to everyday fashion and cognitive engagement. Besides the traditional social agenda of fashion trends, it is the attitude of the generation Z that has set forth the trend of anonymous style and self expression.

What is the social agenda of these fashion trends?

The social agenda of these fashion trends is to express the consumer’s identity in terms of lifestyle c hoices and their attitude. The lifestyle choices changes from one period t o another period. In other words the y suggest the pattern & manner of dressing be fitting prevailing social values and their emotional expectations. hip l ines.

How fashion trends influence today’s youth?

An individual starts seeking for a solution to reduce his dissonance or he aspires to get better. As an expression of their feelings today’s youth endeavor to interpret fashion trends and adopt the clothing style that suits their value and traits.



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