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Are Dad Jeans still in style?

In turn, dad jeans are a product of a bygone era, both culturally and economically, that we all view with curiosity. On the other hand, as high-waist pants make a return, they’re staying around as a viable fashion item. Here’s what you should know as you look for a pair.

Why are men’s dads back in fashion?

That may be true, but there are other, more prosaic reasons. “ Fashion is cyclical,” says Jess Punter, a menswear stylist and writer. “The shapes and styles that the dad trend has resurrected are from the early nineties. It’s also comfortable and practical.

Is Dad style the coolest style?

Maybe dad style is actually, on the low, the coolest style out there. We see your doubtful-face emoji and we understand that this sounds...unlikely, if not downright dubious. But we did the research.

Is Dad style out of touch?

These days, add "dad" to anything—dad jeans, dad bod, dad style—and you're implying that it's not hip, hopelessly out of touch. Then again, look at things a little more closely and you might realize dad style isn't so off the mark. In fact, your old man's steez might have been predicting the future of menswear all along, pre-cog style.



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