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Where Are Fashion Challengers Pokemon Go

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What are fashion challengers in Pokemon Go?

Fashion Challengers will appear regularly at some Pokestops and challenge you to a battle. You will notice that the Pokestops with Fashion Challengers have a slight visual effect to distinguish them from regular Pokestops. The Fashion Challengers are not too difficult to beat as they will not be using shields.

How do you get challengers in Pokemon Go?

They function similarly to Team GO Rocket Grunts or the GO Tour Challengers introduced in the Kanto Celebration. Players can find these trainers at Pokestops and will be challenged to a battle by one whenever they spin a Pokestop they inhabit.

What is a fashion challenge in'Pokémon Go'?

Here's what we know. What is a Fashion Challenge in 'Pokémon Go'? Fashion Challenges are a unique part of Fashion Week in Pokémon Go. From Sept. 21–28, 2021, the game will have additional features like cute outfits and research requests seen throughout the game.

What's new at Pokemon Go Fashion Week?

Pokemon Go Fashion Week brings with it exciting costumed Pokemon and their shiny variants, the launch of Poodle Pokemon Furfrou and its multiple Trim forms, and a bunch of new research tasks and rewards. The Go Tour Challengers from Kanto Tour has been accompanied by Fashion Challengers, a similar feature in Pokemon Go Fashion Week



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