When Does Fashion Fair Close

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Why is fashionfashion fair still relevant?

Fashion Fair came well before Estée Lauder and Clinique discovered the righteous potential in expanding their color palettes and diversifying their advertising. It remains the only major department store cosmetics brand catering specifically to black women. It is still fully owned and operated by Johnson Publishing. And the name still resonates.

What happened to Fashion Fair’s valuable real estate at the Metro Center?

On a recent October morning, Fashion Fair’s valuable real estate at the Metro Center Macy’s was deserted. There were a few boxes of foundation on the glass shelves. A couple dozen packages of eye shadow were stored inside a glass-front case.

Who is Fashion Fair’s new president?

That summer, a group of beauty bloggers and journalists were invited to Fashion Fair’s Chicago headquarters for an unveiling of new products and packaging. They were greeted by the brand’s recently installed president, Amy Hilliard, as well as Rogers.

When was Fashion Fair Cosmetics founded?

They’re coming from diehard customers of Fashion Fair cosmetics, a brand founded in 1973 to cater to African American women at a time when major makeup companies essentially ignored them. Where is the Bronze Loose Powder? Where’s the Perfect Finish Souffle Makeup? What about the Brown Sugar Foundation Stick?

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