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What should you do to get a flat stomach?

What should you do to get a flat stomach? Of course, eating a balanced diet is very important, but do not forget about exercise and certain foods that you should not consume to avoid bloating. Having a flat stomach is the dream of many people and is difficult to achieve. But everything can be much easier than you think! The first step is to give up a sedentary life.

You also need to improve your lifestyle. This is where our simple tips will help you. Try to apply them in practice, and very quickly you will get the desired result. It happens that by adding a few good habits to your usual rhythm of life, you immediately see the difference and feel much better.

Tips to get a flat stomach

So if you want to wake up with a flat stomach, pay close attention to what you usually do before going to bed.

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1. Skip yogurt for dinner

Yes, yogurt has many health benefits. But if you want your tummy to flatten, don’t eat it at dinner. Most yogurts contain sugar and lactose (natural sugar), which are difficult for your body to digest.

The combination of these components (lactose and sugar) can cause bloating. However, if you are used to eating yogurt in the evening, choose natural Greek yogurt without sugar. Fruit is also a good option for dinner. They are rich in fiber and therefore help to satisfy hunger and improve sleep.

2. Stay away from alcohol

Those who dream of having a flat stomach should avoid drinking too many alcoholic drinks. Alcohol supplies the body with excess calories, which in turn leads to obesity and other serious health problems. So it is better to get addiction treatment and say goodbye to alcohol forever for a healthier life. Unfortunately, many people do not receive the treatment due to financial burdens.

The good news for them is that many insurance companies reimburse addiction treatment. You can even search your browser to see if the insurance covers drug addiction treatment or call your insurance company directly for more information. Such a facility will make it easier for you to get off alcohol and stay sober.

3. Exercise Before Bed

We all know that everyone should exercise for at least 30-40 minutes every day to stay fit. Apart from that, if you spend 8 minutes on some simple exercises (2-3 hours before bedtime), you will soon notice that your belly gets flatter. This will even be noticeable in the overall weight loss. The most recommended exercise is the squat.

Perform a squat, return to the starting position, then raise your arms with dumbbells overhead. Repeat the exercise for several sets for 8 minutes. Try not to keep the breaks longer than 20-30 seconds.

4. Choose the right breakfast

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Starting the day with the right breakfast is very important, especially if you want to have a flat stomach. For example, butyric acid can help reduce inflammation in the body and improve insulin resistance. You also stimulate your intestines and your stomach is immediately less ‘bloated’.

It also helps you stay full and feel light in the morning. Combining oatmeal with dark chocolate, berries, nuts and cinnamon is a good choice. If you are not sure how to follow a healthy diet, ask a nutritionist for advice.

5. Reduce Your Salt Intake

In principle, salt should not be abused, but it is especially important to pay attention to this during dinner. In addition, salt is one of the main ingredients (because of the abundance of sauces) in Chinese cuisine. As a result of its use, your stomach will appear swollen. The same goes for Mexican dishes.

6. Don’t chew sugar-free gum

If you want to have a flat stomach, don’t chew gum. You probably think otherwise, but sugar-free chewing gum is actually not as harmless as it seems. Numerous scientific studies have shown that sorbitol, a type of sugar alcohol used in sugar-free chewing gum, is digested very slowly.

As a result, it promotes bacterial fermentation, which can eventually lead to bloating, flatulence or diarrhea. But that is not everything. For example, when we chew gum, we activate appetite in the brain (at least, that’s how it interprets the sent signal).

7. Stay away from fitness bars

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Cereal bars, which have become very popular these days, may seem like a great option for a snack. But in fact, everything is not so simple, and here’s why. These seemingly harmless products contain whey lactose, which causes bloating.

They also often contain soybeans, which leads to increased gas formation. And of course they just have a huge amount of sugar. But remember, we’re talking about a processed product, which means it’s definitely going to have more calories than we’d like. So the effect can be completely opposite, namely weight gain.

8. Light dinner

While this may seem obvious, it’s important to remember that dinner should be light. And you should sit down to eat at least 3 hours before bedtime. This prevents a heavy feeling in the stomach and sleeping problems. If you are hungry, even after dinner, have a light snack. However, do not go to sleep immediately after snacking.

9. Drink smoothies, but only homemade

There’s nothing like eating natural fruits, but some people prefer smoothies and shakes. Well, you can too, just make them yourself! If you want to have a flat stomach, it is best to make homemade smoothies without sugar, dyes and other substances. Fortunately, the possibilities are endless.

take away

Now you know the useful basic tips, so that sooner or later you will definitely wake up with a flat stomach. Do not forget about daily physical activity, good nutrition and good rest. Remember that your last acts before bed are important for both your figure and your health.

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