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What should a healthy vagina smell like?

The truth is that the vagina is not odorless because it contains a lot of bacteria. However, some odors are normal and others are not.

Instead of wishing your vagina had no smell, you should be more concerned about the kind of smell that comes out.

Healthy Vagina

A healthy vagina might smell;


This could be because of the incoming menstruation or rough sex. Sometimes sex can lead to scrapes and bruises in your vagina.


Sweet and earthy, some people’s vaginas can smell sweet, but not strawberry, but an earthy, musty sweetness.


Fermented like spoiled yogurt or bread.

An unhealthy vagina would smell like;

dead fish

The well-known fishy scent. No, your vagina should not smell like rotten fish, which usually indicates another condition such as trichinosis or bacterial vaginosis.

rotting animal

The smell of a rotting organism is the kind of smell that makes a person scream in disgust. This kind of smell is quite disturbing.


How to treat unhealthy vagina?

If you notice that your vagina is giving off a bad odor accompanied by other symptoms such as itching, bleeding if it is not your period, pain during sex, or thick discharge, see a doctor.

So how do you make sure your vagina has a normal odor? No, the solution is not to pour perfume down or spray all your underwear with heavy deodorant.

Good vaginal hygiene can help you get a better-smelling vagina. Habits such as;

Pee after sex. Wear clean underwear. Use unscented soap to wash the vagina. Take a bath after sweating. Change your underwear daily. Wear breathable underwear. Not having multiple sexual partners. Multiple sexual partners can affect the pH of your affect the vagina. Avoid wearing tight clothes.

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