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What Is Indie Fashion

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What is indie fashion and why does it matter?

It does refer to any particular style. Any style of fashion that is unique and created with an independent mind is indie fashion. However, clothes that are vintage or retro in style receive the title of indie most often. If a unique style doesn’t have any retro or classic qualities people are more likely to call it eclectic or eccentric.

What is Indi fashion?

Indie is short for “independent,” and the style is often associated with certain types of rock music. Indie style often incorporates locally-produced fashion and vintage clothing. According to How Stuff Works, true indie fashion is not found at shopping centers or big box stores.

What is indie clothing and where can you buy it?

Although one source of indie clothing can be secondhand stores or thrift shops, those who wear indie clothing can also incorporate more expensive pieces into their wardrobe. They might find clothing that they'd like to wear at higher-end vintage shops. These shops can specialize in a particular style of dress or decade in fashion.

What are indie style tights?

Tights pants might be considered indie style. Indie style is short for independent style and is characterized by an interest in handmade and unique items rather than items made in a factory. In many cases, the appearance of being unique or quirky is enough to make something qualify as indie even if it was made in a factory.



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