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What Is Fashion Fix Paparazzi

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What is the Fashion Fix?

The Fashion Fix is a whole new way to feed your $5 habit! When you subscribe, you’ll receive 25 brand-new pieces of Paparazzi jewelry - Five Trend Blends (four pieces each) plus five exclusive Stylist Picks – delivered right to your door every month!

What is paparazzi accessories?

Every month, Paparazzi Accessories designs five trend sets they call the Fashion Fix. Each set, consisting of 4 coordinating pieces, is based around a theme that is influenced by fashionable and trendy places in the United States.

When can I buy these sets from Fashion Fix?

Since we subscribe to the Fashion Fix, you can buy these sets before others (non-subscribers can't get theirs until the 5th of the next month). Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to look fabulous before your friends!

What is the deadline for making changes to my Fashion Fix subscription?

This includes shipments that are refused and returned to Paparazzi. Any subscription changes, such as change of address, change in credit card information, etc., must be completed by 5:00 p.m. ET on the last business day before the day the Fashion Fix subscription is processed for that month.



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