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What is a BBL?

Ahead, we speak with plastic surgeons Samuel Lin, Lara Devgan, and David Shafer, and ask each one to walk us through the surgery itself, as well as the controversy. What Is a BBL? A BBL starts with liposuction, where a surgeon sucks fat out of areas in the body, then processes and reinjects it into the buttocks and hips.

Why are bbls becoming so popular?

“The body transformation provided by the BBL may be a reason for the surgery’s popularity,” Lin says, adding that many are open about their surgeries as well. “The procedure’s visibility on social media and in popular culture may also contribute to its growing popularity.” How Much Does a BBL Cost?

What is the BBL effect?

Open your third eye for one second and listen: Hot Girl Summer ran so The BBL Effect could sprint. For the uninitiated, BBL is short for a “Brazilian Butt Lift,” a fat transfer operation that takes fat from one part of the body and adds injects it into the buttocks for an enhanced and more voluminous ass.

How much do bbls cost and are they worth it?

How Much Do BBLs Cost? Devgan says the cost of BBLs can vary depending on the provider performing the surgery and where you live, but it can range anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000.

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