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What Is A Fashion Trainer Pokemon Go

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What happens when you beat a fashionable trainer in Pokemon Go?

Each time you beat a Fashionable Trainer in a battle, you get rewards. Team GO Rocket abandons a Pokemon each time they lose a trainer battle – their loss, your opportunity to own a powerful Pokemon. With the Fashionable Trainers crew, you’re not getting any new Pokemon.

What are fashion challengers in Pokemon Go?

Fashion Challengers are basically trainers available during Pokemon Go 's Fashion Week. They are at PokéStops throughout the game, and all you have to do is interact with a stop to start a battle.

What is a GO gym trainer in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon GO Tour Johto has a lot of elements to it and one of them is the introduction of what are known as GO Gym Trainers. Gym leaders have been an essential part of the core Pokemon series over the years, but the version of Gyms in Pokemon GO have been pretty basic where teams can take them over.

How much does it cost to battle a fashionable trainer?

There is no entry fee for battling a Fashionable Trainer, but the Pokemon you use will need to be revived and/or healed if they take any damage in said battle. The Stardust reward alone might be worth your effort.



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