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What Is A Fashion Challenger

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What are fashion challengers in Pokémon Go?

Please try again later. Fashion Challengers are a new type of NPC trainers that players can battle through the duration of the Fashion Week event. They function similarly to Team GO Rocket Grunts or the GO Tour Challengers introduced in the Kanto Celebration.

How many fashion Challenger are you supposed to fight off?

A player is supposed to fight off one Fashion Challenger in one part, three in part three, and five in part five. If you have any questions regarding Pokemon Go, feel free to ask in the comments below.

What happens if you beat the fashion challenger in Pokemon Go?

If you start off with strong Pokemon, the Fashion Challenger won’t be able to use the shield in the battle. After beating the Fashion Challenger, players will be rewarded with standard goodies like revives and stardust. To complete the fashion week research task you need to defeat a Fashion Challenger.

Where to find fashion challengers in Pokemon Go?

The Go Tour Challengers from Kanto Tour has been accompanied by Fashion Challengers, a similar feature in Pokemon Go Fashion Week You will not have any difficulty in searching for Fashion Challengers. They are visible at random Pokestops across the globe.



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