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What Is A Fashion Challenger On Pokemon Go

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What are fashion challengers in Pokemon Go’s Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is the latest event during the ongoing Season of Mischief in Pokemon Go. As well as the debut of Furfrou and its many Trim forms, there’s a new type of NPC in the game to battle: Fashion Challengers.

What are fashion challengers and where can I find them?

As you explore and play this week you will encounter Fashion Challengers. These are trainers similar to those you may have encountered in previous events. Fashion Challengers will appear regularly at some Pokestops and challenge you to a battle.

How can you tell if a Pokestop has a fashion Challenger?

You can tell if a Pokestop has a Fashion Challenger from a distance because it will shake. There are multiple Fashion Challengers you can encounter, and each one has its own lineup of stylish Pokemon to take down.

Can you use the fashion Challenger Shield in Pokemon Go?

If you start off with strong Pokemon, the Fashion Challenger won’t be able to use the shield in the battle. After beating the Fashion Challenger, players will be rewarded with standard goodies like revives and stardust.



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