What Hot In Fashion 2015

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What were the biggest fashion trends of 2015?

From the '70s-meets-'90s redux to a return to minimalism, the biggest trends of 2015 were enough of a departure from the over-the-top, embellished, glossy, girly looks of the prior years that — to us — they signaled a style shift that'll separate the end of this decade from the first few years.

What were the most popular colours in 2015?

Last year's collections timidly stepped into greys, washed denims and white, but 2015 received a fresh injection of soft, neutral hues - most strikingly with bright flourishes of pink.

What were the street style trends of 2015?

2015's street style galleries were awash with sandy-hued suede boots (with a smattering of buckled Jodhpurs, too), usually worn with distressed denim, biker jackets and wide-brimmed hats for a touch of je ne sais quoi that would have Saint Laurent's Hedi Slimane feeling very smug indeed.

How did fashion taste change in 2016?

The past year's biggest shift in taste came as sport-meets-street looks made way for a grungier, more disheveled vibe - led, largely, by Kanye West.

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