What Does Avant-garde Mean In Fashion

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How to pronounce avant garde?

How to pronounce avant-garde in English. The definition of avant-garde is: any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and...

What is the meaning of 'avant garde'?

What is Avant-Garde? Avant-garde is a French word that literally translates to ‘vanguard’ or ‘advance guard’. Avant-garde is responsible for redefining our notions of what is acceptable and what is not. It defines the aberration of art against the established order of things.

What are avant garde contributions to society?

years of IEEE membership as a member, a senior member or as a Fellow;years of VTS membership;years of elected office held in the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society;years of appointed office held in the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society;papers published in the Vehicular Technology Transactions or the NEWS; More items...

What is another word for avant garde?

innovative, advanced, innovatory, original, experimental, inventive, ahead of the times, new, forward-looking, futuristic, modern, ultra-modern, state-of-the-art, trendsetting, pioneering, progressive, groundbreaking, trailblazing, revolutionary. View synonyms.

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