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What Areas Of Specialization Exist In Fashion Design

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Why study fashion design with specialization in marketing?

If you’re looking to turn your keen eye for style into your dream job, VCAD’s Fashion Design with Specialization in Marketing program will help you refine your skills in garment creation and branding strategies.

What is apparel and merchandising specialization?

The Apparel and Merchandising specialization will offer you the opportunity to critically explore how fibers and apparel products are designed and developed, distributed, and merchandised as well as the ways in which consumers interact with and use those products in various socio-cultural and historic contexts.

What are the business and industry areas of specialization?

Business and industry areas of specialization include training and development personnel, quality and work-life or quality circles manager, employee assistance programs manager, employee career development officer, affirmative action, or equal opportunity specialist. 11. Other specialties.

What happens in a fashion design class?

In a studio setting, and guided by instructor mentorship, students are introduced to fashion design principles, R.T.W, Couture as well as the entire Fashion Cycle from concept through design and production with a specific demographic and market. Fashion mood boards, research files, and analysis are utilized to form a brand DNA.



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