Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

WEEK FROM 21 – 27 February 2022

Questions of the Week: Who are you barking orders at, and why do you think that will make them respond the way you hope? A recovering quarter of an hour in Sagittarius and your second home on the ground on Wednesday, February 23, can shed some useful light on how your “demands” or “constructive criticism” are actually received. First, how do YOU ​​feel when someone comes in YOUR face about your work? Is your instinct to jump in line and fall in line, or maybe your passive-aggressive streak is making a loud impression. That’s just human nature, Scorpio, so instead of believing you have to play hard to get things done, send some soft, underhanded pitches to your co-workers or employees. Add generous amounts of heartfelt praise, and you may have people lining up to fulfill your bids.

By treating the people in your work life as real partners whose contributions are vital, you gain their support and loyalty, which is more valuable than gold! From Wednesday, make it a point to take a few minutes each day to greet people by name, making conscious eye contact. Learn more about your colleagues, and even show them (gasp!) YOUR human side. (Not only will such “vulnerability” NOT kill you, but it will also make you more attractive and trustworthy.) On a tight deadline? This face-to-face interaction isn’t a time-consuming activity, but a surefire way to enrich your professional life and inspire people to pitch for you should the need arise.

Relationships can be loaded with every emotion in the Gottman Institute’s “Feeling Wheel” (and more!) this Thursday, so take a few minutes to think carefully about what you’re planning to say before making a statement. single syllable flapping at someone. With talkative Mercury in your sensitive fourth house at a tense angle to spontaneous (and famously unpredictable) Uranus in your mate’s house, it won’t take much for someone to insult (or hurt) someone else. And once that cat is out of the bag, it’s impossible to put it back in. The disrupted party will likely respond by throwing more vitriol at the other, and before you know it, no one is talking to anyone! If you can’t bite your tongue – or leave the situation alone for the next 24 hours – just count to 10 (or whatever your magical calming number is) and remind yourself that, with a few exceptions, your names will never hurt.

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