Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

WEEK FROM 14 – 20 February 2022

Monday, February 14 — also known as Valentine’s Day, in case you’ve forgotten — brings news that will be music to your ears. Messenger Mercury flies back to Aquarius and picks up where it left off with last month’s retrograde. What this means to you, Water Bearer, is a refresh of your mindset – romantic, spiritual, emotional. Where the glass seemed almost empty last week, it suddenly fills up again with fresh streams of inspiration. Between now and March 9, you’ll be feeling your free-spirited self again, which may or may not be a problem for your Valentine. Intense conversations about the future can ring alarm bells, even if bae just picked up a conversation YOU started. Warning: You could even make an inappropriate (or yikes, borderline mean) joke to create some distance. To avoid this romantic scenario, plan an evening of entertainment to turn the attention outward. Hey, shared experiences still count as a bond. Go to a movie at the theater (to avert the deep stares) or buy tickets to a comedy club (so you can laugh without feeling guilty?). And for you, honesty is always the best policy. If you need to chill out with all the fantasizing, be direct about it, not indirectly.

Or maybe just push off the V-Day celebration until Wednesday, when the stars align perfectly for a fantasy date. The only full moon of the year in Leo will shine in your seventh house of partnerships and stir your urge to merge. Compromises don’t feel like sacrifices – and even if they do, just a little bit, you might not mind. Love planets Venus and Mars will merge that same day in Capricorn and work together in your boundlessly compassionate twelfth house. An exaggerated gesture of dedication may be just how you want to prove your loyalty during the week. You would do anything for love (yes, even that!). But don’t lose sight of all earthbound sensibilities, Aquarius. If you make promises you can’t keep, you’re in for a bigger mess. But hey, with the “lost in the moment” vibes this day could bring, you may have to learn that the hard way.

The birthday season officially ends on Friday, February 18, when the sun sets on Pisces and your sensible second home. Until March 20, focus on more mundane matters, such as paying that pile of bills that you ignored and got caught up in your work. While this may be a temporary buzzkill, it feels great to get your feet back on the ground. Still, keep your belt on a tighter loop. Saving for a rainy day is never Aquarius’ way, but a sunny one in a tropical location? That’s a good reason to postpone gratification for a while. Office demands may increase over the next four weeks, so do your best NOT to get caught up in the vortexes of other people’s stress. Instead of wandering in chaos, tap into your natural project management skills. Set up anyone with software or apps that can organize your workflow and simplify your systems.

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