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We have no comments: Amanda Seyfried in Oscar de la Renta

Aside from a handful of variant-induced breaks, for the most part, celebrities have gone back to leaving the house to promote various projects — meaning they’re back wearing things that get us talking. This month alone, we’ve been blessed with a Baddie Holly Golightly™ (™ Dhani) Saint Laurent moment and many a Rihanna maternity look where we had to type breathlessly into our CMS, unable to get the words out fast enough. What’s been great about the recent influx of celebrity outfits is that the famous, beautiful, and gorgeously famous people seem to have a lot of fun with their style, and they’re also very considered about the whole picture, from the clothes to the hair. to the make-up to the styling.

Amanda Seyfried in Oscar de la Renta is an excellent example of this. Worn to the LA premiere of Hulu’s “The Dropout,” the foundation for this look is an outstanding mini dress from the brand’s fall 2022 collection — barely a week old and already on Elizabeth Stewart’s rack! – with a puffy off-the-shoulder neckline that continues into short puff sleeves and is made from this rich, plushy cobalt blue velvet that you can almost feel just by looking at it. The styling is super understated, with Jimmy Choo metal pointed toe heels and Ananya silver earrings.

Amanda Seyfried attends Hulu's premiere "the outage" at DGA Theater Complex on February 24, 2022

The beauty is where we see Seyfried get really playful: Genevieve Herr created a bold eye look with blue eyeshadow to match the actor’s dress and a strong liner to really accentuate it; Robert Vetica then did her hair half up, with her long blond locks down her back.

It’s just a really strong look. And Seyfried enjoyed it too, judging by a photo Stewart posted to her Instagram.

So far, 2022 has set the bar pretty high for red carpet fashion.

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