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Valentino Fall 2022 Collection – Fashionista

In 1957, Kay Thompson (as Maggie Prescott, editor of the quality magazine Quality Fashion) set foot and issued the edict for “Think Pink!” in arguably the most enduring song from the Audrey Hepburn movie “Funny Face.” A chorus of girls conjures up the things that should be pink: shoes, bags, gloves, garden hose, shampoo, even the sink. There is nothing a person can own that should not be doused in color.

Now, some 60 years later, it seems that Pierpaolo Piccioli has left his mark on the “Think Pink!” ideology with its Fall 2022 collection at Valentino.

Like Thompson, Piccioli didn’t let go of anything on the runway, from the runway to the walls and almost every look; even house muse Zendaya joined in, wearing an outfit from the collection to sit in the front row. But where Thompson’s pink was an understated, ladylike pastel shade, Piccioli’s pink is bold and modern, a dazzling highlighter that turns heads. (It must be said, however, that the name of the collection – Pink PP – evokes a childish giggle from people who are not grown up. Not me, of course. Just… some people.)

Designers have often turned to monochromatic collections, which are all the better for showing off the work they and their studios can do, only with silhouette and craftsmanship, but rarely in such a striking color. For Fall 2022, there are many of the same signatures Piccioli has crafted as his own home — sculptural necklines, sharp tailored outerwear, oversized knits, laser-cut laces — but the proportions are blown: The Roman Stud on a bag is now just one giant pyramid at the buckle rather than little accents all over, boots are platform height, pants hang low at the waist and wavy in the leg.

In the middle came a series of all-black looks, a trick he’s pulled on runways before. It gave the eyes a break and let out some of the finer details like delicate pleats on chiffon dresses and draping on sequined tops. Oversized ruffles frame the jawline and ring the wrist.

But then it was back to pink for the kind of showstopper finale looks Piccioli is known for: a sequined mini dress decorated with flowers, a feathered coat, a bell-shaped ball gown. Kristen McMenamy closed the show in a breathtakingly beautiful chiffon number, complete with a train behind her, shoulders draped in just the right crop to touch the tips of her opera-length gloves.

It’s the kind of beauty that almost hurts to look at for too long. But whether it’s the pop of an accessory or the dedication of a head-to-toe look, the Valentino customer will surely be more than happy to think that pink is coming in the fall.

Check out the entire Valentino Fall 2022 collection in the gallery below:

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