Urban fashion trends of every decade

Today we want to discuss the urban fashion trends of each decade. Urban fashion has come a long way in recent decades, with today’s street style being something very different from what our grandparents remember. Thanks to an increase in blogging, vlogging, social media and paid partnerships, today’s urban fashion has become an eclectic mix of different trends and styles that people adopt to express their internal identities.

While elegance reigned just a few decades ago, today’s urban fashion trends are all about gender fluidity and unisex clothing, the fusion of high fashion and sportswear, and more causal looks like sneakers and sportswear returning to everyday style.

Below we take a look at urban fashion trends over the decades.

What is urban fashion?

Urban fashion is an eclectic mix of styles that intersect and is shaped from mainstream fashion trends. However, urban fashion differs from mainstream style in that it is an individualistic approach to identity, allowing the wearer to demonstrate their identity and subcultural heritage by crossing styles and trends.

The 80’s

The 80s were all about being big and smart, with princesses like Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and Madonna setting the stage for urban fashion. Acid wash jeans, bright fabric colors and large patterns were all very popular and allowed individuals to showcase their style and unique identity.

Popular outfits included striped corduroy suits, turtlenecks and polo shirts, leg warmers, ripped denim, punk leather items, and tights to name a few. The 80s were a fashion decade that really made an impression.

The 90’s

Fast forward to the 90s and we started to see the rise of hip hop fashion. Hip-hop was not just a genre of music or a way of dressing, it represented a lifestyle in which people could escape from social, economic, political and cultural forces that were beginning to clash. The style was thought to have originated from the Bronx, New York, where music, DJing, dance and graffiti were ingrained in the way of life.

During this time there were popular styles such as hoodies, baggy clothes, boots, dungarees and ultra-baggy joggers. Style icons of the time included Queen Latifah, Aaliyah, Biggie Smalls and the Fresh Prince of Belair.

The 2000s

Photo by Darko Simancas on Pexels

The 2000s was another decade of unique style trends in which hip-hop fashion merged with brand-approved clothing, artist co-signers and graffiti clothing, as well as a fusion with sportswear and more elegant styles.

Some of the biggest trends have included rapper clothing brands, sweatbands and other unique sports accessories, bright hair, trucker hats, polo shirts, hoodies under blazers, big-faced digital watches and sunscreens.

The 2000s were the perfect example of urban style where trends we had seen in the 80s and 90s began to fuse into an eclectic mix that allowed individuals to represent their personalities and sense of unique style.

From 2010

2010 was a pivotal point for urban fashion, in which cultural trends such as blogging, social media and paid sponsorship opportunities have left a huge dent in the fashion world. This was the decade when brands started to capitalize on digital opportunities, with fashion icons like Cara Delavigne, Suzie Lau and Hanne Gaby Odiele starting to lead market trends that significantly influenced street style.

From 2020

Today’s urban street style represents people who are sharp, strong, practical and yet rebellious against mainstream fashion. It’s again a unique mix of laid-back clothing from the music scene, including doc martens, ripped jeans and slogan T-shirts.

In general, urban style has changed a lot over the decades, but has one thing in common over the centuries: the portrayal of individualism. While fashion trends come and go, urban fashion is all about merging different subcultures of style to create a unique look that empowers people to show off their own uniqueness.

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