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TK’s Best Items from Skims, According to Nordstrom Reviews

I think most of us can remember many times where we visited an item over and over before finally deciding to order it. I know I have. That was exactly the case with the item I’m about to discuss, even if it only costs $42.

This week, after finally taking the time to read many of the 165 Nordstrom reviews, I went ahead and pressed the order button, not knowing why it took so long. The item I’ve been working on is the Skims Boyfriend T-Shirt, and it happens to be my first Skims clothing purchase, even though I’ve heard great things about the brand since its inception. I’m a sucker for a good oversized t-shirt, and this seems incredibly soft and drapes nicely without being too stiff or thin.

The numerous Nordstrom reviews I read confirm that it was indeed a smart purchase. Declaring that the tees are buttery soft and comfortable, the perfect length and fit, and good enough to buy in multiple colors (all of which are chic) ​​finally convinced me to order the Clay color. I plan on wearing it for lounging at home as well as casual occasions as many of the reviewers said they do.

Scroll to shop the Boyfriend T-Shirt as well as the rest of the Skims Boyfriend collection.

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