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Thomas Rhett’s hopes and dreams for his daughters are music to our ears

Thomas Rhett gushes over daughters and wife Lauren Akins

Man, it feels good to be a girl dad over and over again.

When Thomas Rhett isn’t performing across the country or writing new songs, the country singer savors every little moment with the four daughters he shares with his wife Lauren Akins.

And while fans enjoy glimpses of his family life on social media, Thomas Rhett makes it clear that what you see is what you get.

“We like hard and our goal in life is to radiate kindness,” he shared exclusively with E! News. “That’s how our parents taught us how to be and that’s what we try to instill in our children.”

Now that International Women’s Month is officially here, the 31-year-old also wants all of his kids to know that Dad will be a huge cheerleader for whatever they want to pursue. Right now, Willa Gray, 6, and Ada James, 4, love horseback riding, while Lennon Love, 2, can’t stop singing Frozen and Encanto songs on the family’s karaoke machine. As for 3-month-old Lillie, Thomas Rhett thinks she’s a little too young to understand all the possibilities of life.

But when you ask the Grammy nominee for his philosophy, it’s a simple one: if you can dream it, do it!


“I just want to be there in that way, just like their support system and their person who encourages them in whatever they want to do,” he explained. “Whatever they are passionate about in life, I want to be just as passionate about it with them. I want to dive into their hobbies and passions and be that friend with them that they can say:

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