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Thom Browne tells his own version of Cinderella for Spring 2023

“As you know, Thom likes to tell a story… It’s going to be a long story – and you know he loves his long stories…”

That’s what Gwendoline Christie, dressed in a silk satin-embroidered Duchess robe, told the audience who had gathered at the Grand Palais on Monday for Thom Browne’s Spring 2023 show. Alone, she was “Charming” on the catwalk. and set the stage for the rendition of a classic story by the famous theatrical designer: that of Cinderella. (The twinkling seven-foot “glass” heel at the end of the runway should have been a giveaway.)

The collection starts with a range of silk taffeta opera gowns in a range of colours, each with a varsity number on the back. Then we meet our “Cindy”: Emmy-nominated actor Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, dressed in white.

Over the course of the show, we also saw her stepmother and stepsisters (in semi-draped silk taffeta polka-dot dresses and punky hair), their cat (in a satin miniskirt and embroidered polka-dot duchess jacket), the mice (in off-the-shoulder mini-dresses with bows), the fairy mother and her entourage (in hand-knit jackets and pleated poodle skirts).

Like all of the brand’s work, Thom Browne’s version of this fairy tale is rooted in sharp tailoring and precision, interspersed with imaginative details and a playfulness that elevates clothing to storytelling. Spring 2023 looks are literally and figuratively layered: the more you tail, the more you discover – like how underwear peeks out of the pants at the back or how some models wore smocked tulle bodysuits underneath.

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But back to the story! Cindy, in a gold-embroidered opera coat with navy blue satin tails, dances her way up the runway to Charming, before stepping into the giant shoe. There, she “transforms into the truest version of herself,” the brand explains in the show notes: She’s wearing a cropped white shirt, gray pants and Thom Browne-branded underwear.

And there she goes, in a pink tulle Cadillac carriage, while the rest of the characters dance together, and as Christie’s Charming reminds us, “In Thom Browne’s world, all the girls and all the boys fit in the shoe.”

Check out the entire Thom Browne Spring 2023 collection in the gallery below.

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