This may be the most frustrating round of the Wheel of Fortune ever

A clip from the March 1 episode of Wheel of Fortune has sparked a social media frenzy. Keep scrolling to see the puzzle whose words the contestants lost.

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This viral clip of Wheel of Fortune will make you shake your head – no hats.

On Tuesday, March 1, Wheel of Fortune viewers were treated to a momentous moment that will likely go down as one of the craziest episodes in the show’s history.

Contestant Laura Machado looked promising to solve the unfinished puzzle, “Another feather _n yo_r _a_,” with her first guess: “Another feather in your hat.” Unfortunately, that answer was wrong, and her other two guesses, “Another feather in your lap” and “Another feather in your map,” were also wrong.

After Laura’s first turn, contestant Christopher Coleman guessed the letter “G”, which was incorrect. For his next two turns, he failed to solve the puzzle and landed on Bankrupt.

During Thomas Lipscomb’s first two innings, he landed on Bankrupt and Lose a Turn, but he successfully guessed the letter “C” on his third attempt and was able to solve the puzzle correctly.

This moment has been shared all over social media, making Rad van Fortuin a trending topic.

One social media user tweeted, β€œTonight history was made on #WheelOfFortune. The same person missed the puzzle 3 times! Does anyone ever have a feather on their HAT, LAP, or MAP? It’s cap!” while another wrote“For the love of God, please tell me ‘one more feather on your cap’ isn’t such an uncommon expression #WheelOfFortune.”

This was arguably the worst two minute piece in the history of the Wheel of Fortune

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