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This Gucci bag was just called the new it bag

There’s a new It bag in town and it’s literally the antithesis of the Y2K-inspired It bags that were so popular the first half of this year, and we’ve got the receipts. The RealReal just released its annual Luxury Resale Report for 2022, and it sure is telling. As one of the most popular luxury resale companies in the game, The RealReal knows all about what people are really shopping for right now, so you can rely on its information.

I highly recommend reading the entire report, but one of the tidbits that caught my eye was that Gucci Blondie Bag was dubbed the “It-Bag Comeback.” First released in 1971, the recently revived bag brings 70s glamor in spades with its chain strap (although some versions have long leather straps), gold-plated logo and slim profile. It’s the exact opposite of the aforementioned 2022 It bags, inspired by the early 2000s, but they’re also still highly coveted (The RealReal called Balenciaga’s Cagole bag the “Most Obsessed and Wait-Listed”- bag of the year).

Given the recent buzz I’ve heard about the Gucci Blondie bag and how many times I’ve seen it on Instagram lately, and now the reinforcement of The RealReal, I’m convinced this is the bag everyone wants to get their hands on. on this fall. (Not only that, just some of the celebrities who have worn it include Anne Hathaway, Elle Fanning, and Alexa Chugn.) Scroll to shop them for yourself when you’re ready to splurge.

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