The Society Hires a Men’s Department Assistant in New York, NY

Title: Assistant
Reports to: Men’s Division Directors
Date: June 2022

We are seeking a Department Assistant for our Men’s Section of The Society. As a Department Assistant you help organize, coordinate and execute all department processes and projects for the Men’s Department of The Society. The Department Assistant is responsible for completing ad hoc projects and assisting with a variety of day-to-day administrative tasks for the Society’s clients and model managers.

· Act as the first point of contact for customer inquiries, liaising with model managers or other team members as needed.
· Right hand to the model managers you support: answer phone calls, provide relevant information to clients, attend meetings, ensure zoom/meetings run smoothly and have a deep understanding of our selection of talent and their current meetings and potential job openings.
· Provide a seamless experience for customers from start to finish.
· Coordinate contractual obligations for talent and clients, oversee all aspects of talent/model manager schedule including but not limited to travel, flight route, drivers, hotel/accommodation and communicate all details in a timely and efficient manner.
Communicate COVID/Health protocols, assign person to accounting team to ensure timely billing and invoicing.
Answering and forwarding all incoming calls/emails to the appropriate team members
· Enter and update all relevant information in The Society’s booking software.
Support talent to build trust and resolve logistical conflicts before, during and after task completion
· Update talent daily on their schedules and any changes to ensure they have their schedule in advance.
· Execution of ad hoc department projects.
· Perform other related tasks as assigned.

· Strong multi-tasker and proven problem-solving ability.
· Knowledgeable and passionate about the fashion and modeling industry.
· Ability to manage multiple different projects simultaneously and monitor checkpoints during execution.
· Excellent oral, interpersonal, written and customer service skills.
· Detailed and able to handle and follow complex instructions carefully.
· Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness in performing assigned tasks.
· Ability to adapt to change and work in a fast paced, demanding environment.
· Reliable and proactive. Able to prioritize workload and use time efficiently.
· Takes responsibility for outlined responsibilities with an eagerness to learn and the ability to handle sensitive information confidentially.
Knowledge of computers and social media
· Ability to handle pressure in a rapidly changing environment.

How to Apply: Send your resume to MARISSA@THESOCIETYMANAGEMENT.COM, subject line Men’s Division Assistant.


We are an Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO”) employer. It has been and remains a fundamental policy of the Company not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, gender identity, transgender status, pregnancy, marital status, partnership status, domestic violence victim status, sexual orientation, age, national origin, alienation or citizenship, veteran or military status, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic prohibited by federal, state, or local law.

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