The most flattering inseam for your height

While it would be nice if every pair of jeans we bought had the perfect inseam, as we know from experience, that’s almost never the case. Most women’s jeans have a single inseam, which increases the improbability of being suitable for bodies of any height, especially if we add different shoe styles to the equation. That said, there are several things to keep in mind when shopping for denim and visiting the tailor, and we found the professional to handle it all for us.

Katya Torres is the owner of Denim Surgeon, the New York City-based denim tailor experts who damage, repair and perfect the fit of every pair of jeans that come their way. We consulted Torres about the best length for both shorter and taller women, and her tips are sure to clear up any questions about denim inseam. While it’s always a good idea to have an expert opinion, we want to remind you that style is individual and should be tackled as you see fit. We’re just here to guide you if you’re looking for support.

Read on to see what Torres recommends when it comes to denim lengths, styles and tailoring advice, and shop the best jeans for shorter and taller women.

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