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‘The Johnson’ actress Ada Ameh dies aged 48

Ada Ameh, known for her role in the Africa Magic family drama ‘The Johnsons’, died around 11pm on Sunday evening, July 17.

As noted by Punch, she was understood to give up the ghost en route when she was rushed to the nearby Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Hospital.

She was open about her ongoing battle with a mental illness, which the star said was slowly killing her.

“I have a problem right now that could cost my life, but I’m not going to die. I’d get over it,” the actress said in June. “I got a job, but I didn’t because I have mental health problems. Will people understand if you have mental health problems? No, they wouldn’t. They get me with a bill and sue me. It’s okay.”

The actress had lost her only daughter Aladi Godgift Ameh in 2020, to whom she gave birth at the age of 13, after a botched surgery.

According to her, this happened because peers introduced her to sex early.

Despite her early motherhood, the actress lost her daughter, Aladi Godgift, who was over 30 years old in October 2020.

Aladi had passed away after a botched surgery in Abuja, and the actress visited her daughter’s grave last year to mark the deceased’s one-year anniversary.

She had also celebrated her daughter’s posthumous birthday.

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