The four best Netflix series to watch right now

Today we want to share the four best Netflix series to watch right now. Streaming service Netflix is ​​by far the largest in the world. In recent years we have seen it grow from a large number of content to developing our own series and movies. Now some of these movies are appearing in cinemas and their series is internationally known.

If you don’t already have a Netflix subscription from, now couldn’t be a better time to do so. The content on the platform is better than ever and you can watch it on your Smart TV, your computer or your mobile phone.

New to the platform or running out of ideas for what to watch right now? Do not worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out our recommendations for the best Netflix TV series now.


There is a lot of high quality non-fiction content on Netflix, namely crime dramas. But perhaps the best place to get information is the Explained series. It covers a variety of different topics, from diamonds to dogs in 20-minute bite-sized chunks. So if public interest appeals to you, this is the ultimate place to be.

Over the years, Explained has been broken down into a number of subsets that cover more specific topics. One of our favorites is Money, Explained. Money is one of the most important creations of the human race, but not many people know much about it, so this is a really important series to watch.

A particularly good episode of Money Explained is about gambling. Whether you’re a gambler or not, we recommend you check it out. Who knows, it might even give you a tip or two! There is much more to gambling than meets the eye, including the way the casinos are run and the tactics involved in playing the games.

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The tactics themselves can be especially important to us players, as they sometimes have the potential to give us a better chance of winning the games. That’s why we might be able to win more money! So, with that information in your locker, you could check out some of the top casino review sites. Just visit this link for more information: Whether you are looking for the best sports opportunities or interesting bonus offers, you will find something on this site that appeals to you. There are different game types, betting techniques and tips. Sounds like a great day to bet on the slots in between episodes of Explained!

after life

Whether you like or loathe Ricky Gervais (he’s certainly a character who causes division for a number of reasons), there’s no denying that his Netflix show After Life is very good indeed. It portrays the sad side of life in a humorous way, making it both disturbing and heartwarming at the same time.

After Life has just released its third series at the time of writing, so if you’ve seen the first two, you’ve got a whole bunch more episodes to get started with. If you haven’t already, we recommend that you get started right away.

Archive 81

Best Netflix Series

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If you want to see something creepier, why not check out the show Archive 81? Released in early 2022, this show tells the story of a man whose family was killed in a house fire. His job is to restore old video tapes, and he comes across a lot about… a big fire.

But there is a mystery about the building that burned down. And that mystery only gets bigger as the series progresses. It is a real supernatural thriller and also of good quality! You can read reviews at Just make sure you don’t look at it right before going to bed…

Squid Game

Okay, if you’ve never heard of this, you must have been living under a rock for the past year. The Korean drama Squid Game is the highest grossing Netflix series of all time, and for good reason.

A poor man in Seoul, out of luck and addicted to gambling, is desperate for money to pay for his mother’s health care and repay loans to a particularly violent gang. When the opportunity arises to win billions but put his life on the line, he doesn’t have much choice.

During the games, he meets a lot of other characters, each representing different parts of society. The show is a downright genius commentary on social issues, and at the same time it is a very exciting story. However, keep in mind that it is a bit of a bloodbath and therefore probably not for the faint of heart.

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