The best mineral SPF | Who wear what?

Such is the case with the new Josie Maran Get Even Sun Milk ($46). Honestly, it’s the purest mineral sunscreen out there. The formula is infused with a Kakadu superfruit complex packed with antioxidants and argan oil, making it super hydrating. Plus, it’s lightweight and provides a really even coverage for all skin tones. What’s even cooler is that the formula uses a new micro-sperse dispersion technology that uses high pressure to create tiny particles that help the formula disperse evenly like a veil, meaning there’s no pilling, flaking, or drying.

We know what you’re thinking: it’s just another SPF with really good marketing language. But we’re here to prove you wrong (and remind you that SPF matters all year round, rain, gloom or shine). Keep scrolling to see our honest reviews of this new groundbreaking formula and find out why it has quickly become our favorite.

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