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The 7 Best Lightweight Jeans For Warm Weather

I am someone who wears jeans almost every day. I’m also someone who lives in the hot and humid south, so wearing denim in the summer months is often a no-go. But a girl can’t just live in shorts and dresses (at least this girl can’t), so I started looking for lightweight jeans that I can actually wear in the summer without sacrificing my body temperature.

Lucky (or something like that) an intense heat wave recently popped up and I got to put a stack of lightweight jeans to the test. In choosing the jeans to try, I stuck with stretchy styles, most of which were under 11 ounces (denim weights typically run from 5 to 32 ounces). For the sake of variety, some styles were form-fitting while others were wide-legged, but they all reflected current denim trends and were created by some of the coolest denim brands on the market.

Keep reading to find out how I fared in my quest for the best lightweight jeans to wear when the temperatures soar this summer and shop them for yourself.

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