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Style oversized blazers

Depending on how it’s put together, a blazer is a perfect addition that can transform an outfit in a matter of seconds.

And what could be more interesting than Boyfriend Blazers?! The Boyfriend blazers, originally a masculine cut and fitted blazer, have found their way into the style trend for women. Women’s blazers are usually cut as such with a slightly slim silhouette. Looking for a larger size would most likely not give you the boxy frame that a manly blazer would.

From casual to business, elongated elegance and business chic, the styling boyfriend blazer is easy and elegant without giving off the stereotypical business look. An oversized blazer paired with a t-shirt, mom-style jeans, combat boots and even a pair of heels will suit the occasion. A few tips for incorporating this fashionable piece?

charlie kamale 11993679210169842Charlie Kamale Belting a boyfriend blazer over jeans and a white shirt with a pair of heels can be just that perfect look for a business casual event, while also striking a balance between structure and fit. Playing with lengths also works well. Combine an oversized blazer with a short skirt, a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Keep it simple with a sleek pair of black on black. A black top on black pants allows the Blazer to keep more focus. Having a pop of color and pattern would be an added icing on the look. Long or short, fitted or flared, a boyfriend blazer on a dress can work for almost any occasion.
sade akinosho8394384468136647413Sade Akinosho

It’s also important to know that the right kind of shoes will make the blazer look like a pie on a plate. Do you feel inspired to try this out?

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