Stores Like Free People 2023

Stores Like Free People 2023You know just like Free People, these brands stand out thanks to their superb boho clothes and accessories, for any taste and budget.

For those of you who knew the style, ‘BOHO’ comes from the word bohemian and creates in the 18th century.

Boho styles were indirectly formed by the intellectuals, artists, and creatives of those times by wearing out their garments and discussing them with the antique look we love so much presently. Furthermore, given its origin, boho clothes are tatty as a form of protest against luxury brands or fast fashion.

Now, back to ‘Free People’ the brand has become the voice of BOHO styles, thanks to Nicole Ritchie, Rachel Zoe, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sienna Miller.

Stores Like Free People 2023

Stores Like Free People

Though, as there are several more amazing stores like Free People out there, in this article, we are going to share them with you.

If you want to know more about the brands like Free People then read this article on “Stores Like Free People” carefully.

Top 10 Stores Like Free People – Almost Similar

  • Anthropologie

It is founded by Richard Hayne (founder of Urban Outfitters as well), Anthropologie is one of the most well-known boho retailers in the world.

While everybody is observing stores like Anthropologie and sees them as the largest Free People competitor, Anthropologie is, in fact, part of the same chain. Though, the Anthropologie store stands out from Free People thanks to unique cuts, colorful prints, and a fresh, hip vibe. This boho retailer has styles for different occasions, so there’s plenty to select from.

  • Reformation

We dear Reformation not only for its boho styles but also for its commitment to sustainability in fashion. Now, instead of synthetic materials, the brand uses natural, renewable, and plant-based textiles. Furthermore, Reformation designs all of its boho collections from scratch so you know the styles you buy on their site can’t be found anywhere else.

With Reformation, you know you’ll always be trying the latest boho trends, it is made from the most sustainable textiles imaginable.

  • Fillyboo

Fillyboo is the essence of hand-made boho clothing, from luxurious fabrics. The label’s bohemian cut dresses are intended and hand-made in Australia, by local artisans. The pieces are then hand-embroidered and crocheted by accomplished Bali and Java artisans.

We like this brand not only for its boho clothes but also for its support of small family businesses in both islands and Australia as well.

  • Fanm Mon

Fanm Mon is one of my favorite bohemian dress brands out there. Comfortable, the brand does plus-size boho styles for people with figures like mine.

A modern sign of consciousness, femininity, and freedom, Fanm Mon is a maintainable fashion label of Haitian heritage. The product is revered by stars such as Lauryn Hill, Morgan Stewart, and the twin sisters Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder. Fanm Mon is a direct position to the designer’s Haitian roots, and it means ‘peasant women’ in Creole.

No longer living in Haiti, the designer’s choice of the ‘Fanm Mon’ name is a lovely homage to all Haitian women. These women have a wide knowledge of medicinal herbs, rare traditional cuisine, and fashion. Therefore, the designer sees their knowledge as a unique gift to the world, hence the name of the product.

  • Faithfull The Brand

It is worshiped by celebrities like Kate Middleton, and Faithfull The Brand stands out amongst all boho brands for its whimsical prints.

More than a fashion brand, Faithfull the Brand represents a lifestyle that’s free-spirited, culturally diverse and hippie at heart. The brand’s unique designs are a call to love the same clothing again and again, without being extravagant or inconsiderate. Check the brand’s female boho dresses, relaxed silhouettes, vintage kimonos, and classic-style trousers.

The label also stocks lots of boho fittings, makeup bags, travel bags, and many, many more similar items.

  • ModCloth

ModCloth is another label that designs and sells clothes like Free People, but for women who resist convention.

With cheaper and more reasonable boho styles, the brand offers true vintage-inspired women’s clothing, in playful prints and unique silhouettes. The brand’s clothes are for everybody and everybody — with products accessible in a diverse size range, from 00–28, with plus sizes.

ModCloth is viewed as “We, the Free People brand” and a one-stop shop for one-of-a-kind boho styles. The brand offers varieties from casual dresses to bohemian wedding dresses, cozy boho sweaters pulled-together blouses, shoes, and handbags.

  • Lovestitch

Lovestitch is a boho fashion product of unknown origin, frequently recommended as a brand like Fillyboo. Self-titled “The home of bohemian and feminine fashion”, Lovestitch features the latest boho trends and vintage-inspired groups for women. We love Lovestitch for its new range of boho clothing and unique Californian vibe.

  • Farm Rio

It is launched by a group of creatives from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (that believe in the existence of happiness), Farm Rio is an apparel brand that Anthropologie carries on its official website. More than a boho-style brand, Farm Rio has been fostering cultural movements since 1997.

The brand takes vintage styles and infuses them with an elevated, feminine boho aesthetic. Believers in good energies and beautiful frequencies, the brand founders seek: “colors and shapes that nature brings to your eyes and to your feelings”

Certainly not a Free People knock-off, we love this brand for its support of local culture, heritage, craftsmanship, and its fight to keep them alive. The corporation plants a tree in the Amazon Rainforest for each piece sold through the official website. 

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