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Startup Duo Faybl Releases Emotionally Charged Version Of Progressive House “Island”

American start up duo Fayblthe latest release – “Island”, will transport you back to the cathartic, energetic dance anthems of the early 2010s in the best possible way. The duo’s signature sound is beautifully captured with the new song, which begins with soulful vocals that share heartfelt lyrics like “even if it hurts, even if the tides get violent, i’ll be your islandFaybl slowly building up to a goosebump-inducing drop full of big room energy and soaring melodies that make this gem a tearjerker on the festival stage. Whether you’re a newbie to the scene or a tried and true veteran, this song about supporting each other in difficult times is sure to ignite your emotions and your dancing shoes. Read on for the inspiration from the artists behind the track:

At a time when many people in our lives and around the world are facing a lot of adversity, we feel it is more important than ever to emphasize that you are there to build and support your friends and loved ones. Much of our current culture is so focused on showing what we have and trying to present the best versions of ourselves that we can often neglect building solid support systems and making sure we participate in supporting those around whom We give. We wanted to make a house tune with influences from artists like Illenium and seven lions to create an emotional yet powerful and fresh take on progressive house and festival culture. We hope this song will inspire people to reach out to their friends and family and remind them how much they appreciate them. Life is short and we often take life and the people we have for granted while trying to pursue something else. We first played this song at the end of our set Red Rocks opening for Illenium, a venue we dreamed of playing from the moment we started making music. With the incredible response from the audience, we decided that this should be the song to kick off 2022 with this new sound.

Faybl is a U.S-based duo off DenverColorado, which is already making waves with fans and industry trendsetters alike. †Island” is their 7th release ever, with the most popular single to date “Love runs cold† Last summer they opened for Illenium at the legendary Amphitheater Red Rocks in Coloradowhere they played”Islandlive for the first time. FayblTheir journey has just begun, so join them on their adventure by following them on facebook and Instagram

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