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Shoes to walk in for your graduation day

With graduation season just around the corner, we want you to put your best foot forward by wearing the best shoes, of course. Above all, graduating from school is a huge beginning that leads to the next big part of your life. That is, graduation is a big deal! Imagine walking across the stage to celebrate all the years of hard work and dedication, now imagine doing all that, but in a great pair of shoes. Today we’ll talk about the ultimate guide to finding the perfect pair of shoes for your big day.

When it comes to your big graduation day, you want to dress in a way that makes you feel confident and stylish, but with everyone wearing the same cap and dress, it can be hard to stand out. We want you to feel special inside and out. Ranging from open to closed toe, platform to flats, mule to slingback and even sneakers! We’ve provided you with the latest and hottest trends to rock on your special day!

The Mary Jane Shoe

The classic Mary Janes were a staple in the 90s and are now being reinvented with crazy colors and big platforms. A step up from the basic pump, this fun heel brings nostalgia to the classic schoolgirl.

Asos Penny Platform Mary Janes

Urban Outfitters Mary Janes

The Loafer

Nothing says professional than a loafer, so start your life as a graduate student in the cutest pair of loafers ranging from low to high. We selected a few pairs that would set the mood for your day.

Jeffrey Campbell: “The Student Loafer”

Jeffrey Campbell: “Lenna Penny Loafer”Seamless background of shoes

the mule

Keep it simple with a classic mule heel. These shoes are easy to put on and take off and can certainly be worn as an everyday shoe! Whether you want to pull out all the stops or keep it simple, we’ve listed a few examples below!

Jeffrey Campbell: “The Movie Platform Mule”

Steve Madden: “Lilah Heel”


No one says your big day has to be worn in heels! Keep it comfy with a pair of classic Chuck Taylors, maybe even a little sparkle!

Reverse: All Star Glitter

Reverse: Leather Chuck Taylor

The platform shoe

Platform heels are the talk of the town now, jump on the bandwagon and make that podium your runway.

Michael Kors Hazel Leather Platform Sandal

Chelsea Crew Rust Velvet Peep Toe Platform Heels

the flat

Don’t want to wear heels? We understand it! So, we’ve provided some options that will make you still want to go through that stage!

Asos pink ballet flats

Vici Vanderpump Embellished Flats

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