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RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Speaks Out on Assistant Stuart Smith’s Guilty Plea in Telemarketing Scam

Jen Shah’s legal drama is a reality show in itself

Jen Shah of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has put her friendship with assistant Stuart Smith on ice.

She revealed so much during the third and final part of the season two reunion of the Bravo show, telling host Andy Cohen that they haven’t spoken to each other since they were both arrested in March 2021. At the time, Jen and Stuart pleaded not guilty to one charge each of conspiracy to commit wire fraud related to telemarketing, conspiracy to launder money and obstructing official proceedings. However, Stuart changed his plea to guilty at a hearing in November.

At the reunion, Andy asked Jen how she reacted to the news, noting that some find Stuart’s advocacy change “very bad” for Jen’s case, to which she replied, “I wish I could respond to that or answer it, but I can’t. not because of course it has to do with the lawsuit.”

But how closely did Jen and Stuart work together? Andy pressed Jen for details, and she insisted that he was not her business partner, even though she’s called him that in the past. Stuart has also been featured on RHOSLC, credited as “Jen’s assistant.”

“We didn’t work together in the companies that were discussed,” Jen said. “Stuart wasn’t with me every day, that’s why I had a lot of other assistants, because he did his own things.”

Chad Kirkland/Bravo; Bravo

Still, the RHOSLC star acknowledged that she had known Stuart for 10 years. “So when I expanded my businesses,” Jen said,

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