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‘Raising Kanan’ EP Teases a ‘Callback’ For Kanan Over Raq & Howard’s Secret In Season 2

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Power Book III: Raising Kanan is back for its highly anticipated second season (along with an early season 3 renewal). After the shocking events of the Season 1 finale, Season 2 continues in the wake of all the chaos. Raq ordered Kanan to kill Howard. who also happens to be his father, but Howard is still alive and still carries the secret of him and Raq.

Showrunner Sascha Penn spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife about how the relationship between Raq and Kanan will evolve in Season 2 with this groundbreaking secret hovering over their heads. Sascha admitted that this secret will eventually “erupt” and that there will be a “reckoning”. He also weighed in on Jukebox’s complicated relationship with her mother and Howard’s legacy. Read our Q&A below:

MeKai CurtisPatina Miller and MeKai Curtis in ‘Raising Kanan’ Season 2. (STARZ)

In the wake of what happened to Howard and what Raq expects from Kanan right now, where is Kanan and Raq’s relationship headed in Season 2?
Sascha Penn: I think it’s the central focus in a way of season 2 because I think what’s starting to happen is Kanan starting to have doubts about his mother, and an essential part of having doubts about his mother that he doubts himself because he has lived all his life in the context of his mother. She has been his North Star and his son for so long that it is suddenly very difficult and shocking for him to learn that his mother may not be who he thought she was and really forces him to try to understand who he is. Kanan instead of Raq’s son.

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