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Queen Elizabeth is buried here in relation to Prince Philip

On Monday, September 19, Queen Elizabeth will be buried after her death on September 8, and people will queue for days to honor her coffin. Not everyone can get into the infamous queue, but many people who follow the life of the royal family will want to say goodbye wherever they are. Here’s everything you need to know about the Queen’s funeral.

Where is Queen Elizabeth’s funeral held?

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey, the old church that is the traditional venue for elite weddings and funerals. Her coffin has been in state since last Wednesday in nearby Westminster Hall and will be carried to the abbey by the Royal Navy’s state artillery.

What Happens at Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Service?

Before the procession begins, the queen’s draped royal standard chest is covered with the orb and scepter, symbols of her reign. The procession itself will be led by the newly crowned King Charles III, followed by the rest of Elizabeth’s children, uniformed troops, and then the palace staff, including the Queen’s pages. They will pass through crowds that have gathered to pay their respects. The abbey itself can accommodate 2,000 people, mainly other high officials, relatives and beloved member of the palace. To conclude the ceremony, the Archbishop of Canterbury will give a blessing and the national anthem will be played.

After the service, the coffin will be moved to the Royal Hearse after a second procession to Wellington Arch and past Buckingham Palace.

Where is Queen Elizabeth buried?

After the coffin is placed in the hearse, it is taken to St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. This is also where her parents, King George VI and his consort, Queen Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother, are laid to rest. Beside them are her sister Princess Margaret and her husband, Philip. It will be covered by the Long Walk and there will be a second service, the Commitment Service. This portion of the event is private.

What time is Queen Elizabeth’s funeral?

The doors of Westminster Hall will close at 6.30am UK time on Monday to make way for preparations. Guests may enter at 8 a.m. The procession to the abbey lasts approximately ten minutes, and two minutes of silence are scheduled at 12 noon to mark the end of the service. The private part of the ceremony is scheduled for 7.30 pm

Where can people watch Queen Elizabeth’s funeral?

Virtually every network in the UK and many in the US will broadcast the events live, but PBS specifically broadcasts the BBC coverage from 4am that day.

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