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Post Malone Jokes Selena Gomez Gets ‘Dude Nudes’ In Hilarious ‘SNL’ Sketch: Watch

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Selena Gomez had no trouble joking about her dating life during her Saturday Night Live opening monologue — and kept the relationship theme going in another sketch with Post Malone and Chris Redd! Basically, Selena and Chris played a cohabiting couple – however, a voice (Punkie Johnson) suggested that Chris may have been cheating and not buying paper towels like he said he was!

An angry Selena then started scrolling through his social media posts and computer and even broke his X-Box at Punkie’s suggestion – but looked rather sheepish when Chris returned minutes later with a bag of Bounty! There was a second voice for Chris, this time in the form of Post Malone, who suggested that Sel only thought he was cheating because she was cheating. “She’s getting guys naked,” he sang in the hilarious skit. “Whose?” Chris asked, as Post Malone suggested they might have belonged to LeBron James.

Selena Gomez and Post Malone appeared in an “SNL” sketch on May 14. (NBC)

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