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Must Read: Off-White Debuts Beauty Line, Farfetch Launches Beauty

A look from the Off-White Fall 2022 collection.

These are the stories that are making headlines in fashion on Wednesday.

Off-White debuts beauty line
Virgil Abloh’s beauty line Paperwork debuted posthumously on Off-White’s Fall 2022 runway in February and is now available for purchase on the brand’s site and Farfetch. According to Vogue, Abloh saw the expansion into beauty as “another canvas, another surface for human expression.” The collection acts as a ‘toolkit’, complete with four signature scents, a range of face and body stencils and a range of six nail polishes. {Fashion}

Farfetch launches beauty
Farfetch has entered the beauty chat: On Monday, the global marketplace added a selection of skincare, makeup, hair, fragrance, bath and wellness products from more than 100 beauty brands. “Farfetch will provide its expanded luxury audience with an immersive crossover between fashion and beauty with a unique opportunity to discover and shop for beauty online through a curated selection of products and community voices – bringing customers of different ages, races, cultures and genders are served”, an official press release states. To coincide with the beauty launch, Farfetch has launched the Beauty Global Collective, which allows customers to connect with multiple beauty experts and colleagues. {Fashionista Inbox}

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The RealReal partners with Remake on a celebrity charity sale
The RealReal partners with Remake to make celebrity closets shoppable and raise money for Remake’s mission to get women in the apparel industry fairly paid. Together, they collected more than 60 lasting finds from the closets of celebrities, including Robin Wright, Nathalie Kelley, Jamie Lee Curtis and stylists like Elizabeth Stewart and Lexy Rose Boiardo. Available in a curated selection from April 20 to April 27, their picks include items from Tiffany & Co, Saint Laurent, Bvlgari, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci. You shop the sale here. {Fashionista Inbox}

Ruslan Baginskiy launches a capsule to support Ukrainian defenders
Ukrainian hat label Ruslan Baginskiy has launched a special drop of baseball caps in blue and yellow to reflect the colors on the Ukrainian flag and make a statement about freedom, courage, courage and determination. Each piece is made in Ukraine and all profits from the sale go to Ukrainian defenders. “We believe that fashion is a tool for change. Fashion has the power to bring people together and make a statement without words,” the brand said in a press release. “Your outfit can make a statement in itself. Be brave like Ukraine.” {Fashionista Inbox}

The Resilience of Emily Weiss of Glossier
Courtney Rubin’s thoughtful portrait of Emily Weiss for Bustle from Glossier explores how the millennial entrepreneur is on a mission to scale her makeup business, despite the setbacks. “Looked at one way, the tech debacle was another story of a startup that spins and loses its way. Looked at another way, the layoffs were a sign of Glossier — and Weiss’s — maturity,” Rubin writes. “The beauty company gave up its biggest dreams to double its achievable dreams. After all, caution is how a CEO avoids becoming a cautionary tale chasing vaporware at the expense of its core business — and ultimately the subject of a streaming mini-series.” {Rush}

Why fair beauty is dominated by white voices
While effervescent ingredients such as shea butter, moringa oil, and turmeric have always been a part of BIPOC cultures and communities, the dominant voice and images in the clean beauty space remain overwhelmingly white. Amanda Mitchell collects insights from entrepreneurs in the clean beauty industry for Refinery29 in a piece that explores why white women are still the faces of clean beauty and how we can make a difference in the space. {Refinery29}

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