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Must Read: Kim Kardashian Covers ‘Allure’, Demi Moore Releases Swimwear Line With Andie

These are the stories that are making headlines in fashion on Thursday.

Kim Kardashian is Allure’s latest cover star
Blonde Kim Kardashian talks about all things hair, skincare, aging, business and criticism in the latest cover story for Allure. Kardashian discusses her lifelong passion for beauty and wellness as she celebrates the launch of her new skincare line, Skkn. About preserving her appearance, Kim says: “I care. I think it’s really important to look good. I probably care about 90 percent of the people on this planet. at school, and I’m all of the above. I usually do my beauty treatments late at night. After everyone is in bed, I do laser treatments.” {To tempt}

Demi Moore poses in her new swimwear collaboration with Andie.

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Demi Moore releases swimwear line in collaboration with Andie
Actor and author Demi Moore has teamed up with swimwear brand Andie to release a limited-edition line of vintage-inspired swimsuits. Ranging in price from $75-$155 and in sizes XS-XL, the Demi Moore x Andie Collection unveils its first release today with a second release on July 15th. It is available online at and in the brand’s pop-up stores in Sag Harbor, NY, and Berkeley, CA. {Fashionista Inbox}

The companies looking for detox paints
In fashion, dyeing clothes is a water, energy and chemical intensive process with significant environmental costs. The startups looking to introduce more sustainable painting practices into the industry face the challenges of securing finances, scaling up and most importantly convincing companies to change their operations. {Business of Fashion}

How Stolen Cultural Beauty Practices Are Feeding Viral Videos
Many of the most viral beauty hacks, such as slugging and guasha-ing, stem from centuries of cultural knowledge. Jennimai Nguyen writes, “when these trends are adopted and appropriated by white faces and then go viral, without any semblance of credit or acknowledgment of their roots, it quickly erases the multicultural relevance of the online beauty community.” {Mashable}

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