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Must read: First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Covers ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, Vans Teams Up With Sailor Moon

These are the stories that are making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Covers Harper’s Bazaar
First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is featured on the June/July 2022 cover of Harper’s Bazaar, created by Cass Bird in Philadelphia. She spoke with Mattie Kahn about the importance of being independent, balancing the responsibilities of a political spouse and her career, why “showing up matters” and more. {Harper’s Bazaar}

A Vans Sailor Moon collection is coming
Vans has announced it will be releasing a Sailor Moon themed collection this summer. Vans x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon launches in stores and online on June 10 and includes apparel, accessories and, of course, footwear featuring your favorite characters from the iconic anime: Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Max, Luna and the Sailor Guardians. Check out all the pieces in the gallery below. {Fashionista Inbox}

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Business of Fashion publishes annual Sustainability Index
Business of Fashion released its Sustainability Index 2022 on Tuesday. The report, now entering its second year, looks at how some of the world’s largest fashion companies are working to combat climate change and achieve certain environmental and social goals by 2030. This year’s edition looked at “30 publicly traded luxury, sportswear and high street companies” in the categories “transparency, emissions, water and chemicals, waste, materials and labor rights,” writes Sarah Kent. “With only eight years left to reach the targets,” she continues, “the results are stark: performance in five of the six impact categories has deteriorated as progress in the original group of 15 companies assessed last year , was overshadowed by inactivity in many of the new additions.” You can view the full report here. {Business of Fashion}

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