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Monthly Horoscope Aquarius

MONTH August

See the power of two! This month, the sun makes its rounds through Leo (until August 22) and then Virgo, warming up the two most relationship-driven parts of your map. Your free-spirited sign can go squirrel about too much dedication. But August is the time of year when partnerships are most alive — or at least they come under review. Assess your inner circle and the people you spend the most time with. Does everything feel fair and mutual? Is there a balanced give and take?

Your home is a particularly intense zone because on August 1 the demanding Mars, changemaker Uranus and the karmic North Node will hold an extremely rare encounter in Taurus and your domestic fourth home. You could feel a lot of pressure on the home front catalyzing a sudden change – from a move to a renovation to someone moving in or out. Your mother or a female relative can play a role in events at the beginning of the month.

Somehow you feel restlessness at the root level, ready to make lifestyle changes or break out of a comfort zone. Be careful not to make too many hasty movements though, as this cosmic trio is highly destabilizing and impulsive.

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By the way, if you’re looking for thrills, you’ll get it later this month. On August 20, action planet Mars embarks on an extended journey through Gemini and your fifth house of passion, creativity and fame, and continues until March 25, 2023. From finding true love to pursuing your talents to blowing up on TikTok, Mars is ready to be your hype person. This seven-month cycle is five times as long as Mars’ visit to a sign. While things can get dramatic (keep that rarely seen mood in check), life certainly won’t be boring!

Twosome time: It’s Leo season until August 22nd

Relationships are the headline this August, as the sun makes its rounds through Leo and your partner sector until August 22. You crave the company of people who just GET you – all the better if they balance you out by having complementary skills and personality traits. Working together for love, work or a creative collaboration can make this month unforgettable.

With the sun warming up this dedicated zone, you might decide to make a certain pair official. Be careful not to rush into anything simply because someone is pressing you or pulling your heart. Your emotions are especially boosted by Mars and Uranus in Taurus, a mashup that doesn’t happen often. The advantage? Instead of being in your head (as you often are), you can balance that intellectual side and listen to your heart as well.

Friction in your faction on August 7th Mars-Saturn Square

Arguing with your team or arguing with family? A certain troublemaker can cause conflict today, as the tumultuous Saturn in your sign battles stubborn Mars in your fundamental fourth house. Can’t you reason with this hot-headed person? It may be best to postpone any confrontations until everyone has had a chance to cool down. Wise Saturn knows the power of being careful and taking your time. However, Saturn also rules boundaries, and you may have to set some. In the meantime, stay away from triggering situations. You don’t always have to play the mediator, even if you’re good at it! Sometimes it’s better to let people solve their problems themselves.

The August 11 Aquarius full moon will take your energy to a climax

It’s all about you today! The August 11 Aquarius full moon will fulfill your most personal goals for 2022. Look back at the birthday resolutions you set (if any), or at events that started six months ago on the February 1 Aquarius new moon.

This full moon is a defining moment: do you move forward with an effort or do you switch jobs and do something else? If you’ve been waiting for the green light for a passion project — or you’re just ready to take the plunge — the full moon in your sign says GO!

This year’s Aquarius full moon brings a plot twist, forming a tense T-square with the Leo sun and a fleeting Mars-Uranus combination in Taurus. You might feel torn between your own needs and the dueling demands of a relationship AND a family member. You can’t please everyone, especially not at your own expense. And if you hold a grudge for all the people you haven’t said “no” to when you should have, your mood could just explode.

If you’re reading this before the full moon, do some prevention! Put a massage on the books, say “no” to helping your coworker move, turn down that bridesmaid invitation for your college friend who isn’t a bestie. It’s up to you to plead for yourself – people can’t read your mind, Aquarius. Strive to be more honest and candid rather than telling others what you THINK they want to hear.

Virgo season starts August 22

After your full moon moment, you may find yourself disappearing down a rabbit hole for a while. On August 22, the sun dives into Virgo and your privacy-seeking, intimate eighth home. Over the next month, you’ll be able to delve into a mission that requires a lot of research. A relationship or detailed enterprise can become all-encompassing. Fortunately, energizer Mars will enter Gemini and your expressive fifth house on August 20, countering some of the off-the-grid effects of the Virgo season.

Watch out for tunnel vision, Aquarius, but shield yourself from distractions when you have a task that requires concentration. The eighth house governs real estate, assets and joint ventures. If you’ve been considering a real estate venture or considering a long-term financial investment, the Virgo season can offer some exciting new options.

With your erotic eighth house lit up, there can be some sizzling distractions. (And Mars in your passion province only makes the heat higher!) When Virgo’s new moon arrives on August 27, what seemed like a summer affair can get serious. Someone may even have soulmate potential where you least expected it!

You may be offered a financial opportunity near the new moon that could yield a significant return, or you may be invited into a joint venture. Take your time – this new moon will unfold over the next six months, so there’s no need to rush. But in early 2023, set intentions for where you would like to be financially, emotionally, or in an important relationship.

Out of hand? Uranus goes retrograde August 24th

You’re not afraid of change, Aquarius, but has it made your life a little too chaotic? You can be grounded again when your ruling planet, liberated Uranus, begins its annual five-month retrograde on August 24. The side-spinning planet will reverse through Taurus and your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation link standard-body-el-link” ions until January 22.

Disruptor Uranus is in Taurus for a long seven-year visit that began in 2019 and will end in 2026. If you’ve experienced constant shifts in the most personal area of ​​your life — if not a total uprooting — things can settle down for a bit. bit during retrograde.

But don’t make it too easy, Aquarius, for the peace is temporary! From house hunting to a changing cast of characters under your roof to possible baby news, Uranus is here to stir the pot. Your mother or a mother figure may be part of the shifts that are happening. A trailblazing woman who isn’t afraid to be completely authentic can enter your orbit while Uranus is in Taurus. If you’ve dealt with a disruptive family member or a rebellious child, you may find the help you need.

Love starts this month practically and sentimentally, but it certainly won’t end that way. August opens with romantic Venus in Cancer and your sensible, healthy sixth house until August 11. During this analytical transit you are interested in what drives you and your partner. Now is a good time to make concrete (and detailed) plans for the future and do some self-improvement work.

Be warned: it’s easy to get lost in your head… or your feelings right now. Intense Mars is in Taurus and your emotional fourth home until August 20, leaving you hypersensitive and thin-skinned. You can overreact to someone or even become a little clingy. You’re not normally the discerning diva in a relationship, but if you’re playing that role now, you probably won’t win any fans.

The tone starts to change a bit on August 11, when Venus transitions into Leo and your seventh house of committed partnerships. A relationship can get serious or you can attract someone with long term potential. The best day to talk about the future with an open mind and heart? August 18, when Venus joins in a harmonious 120-degree trine with the expansive Jupiter in your house of communication.

Love becomes even more of a headline event after August 20, when feisty Mars flares up in Gemini and your impassioned fifth home, staying five times longer than usual! Between now and March 25, 2023, the red planet will make you feel glamorous, magnetic and confident. With so much charm and charisma at your disposal, you are now a real catch. Enjoy the attention, but be kind to people’s hearts, as you tend to break a few in the coming weeks.

Become a partner and prosper! The sun soars through Leo and your dedication-focused seventh house through August 22, focusing on alliances of all kinds. Make the most of your current network by reaching out to well-connected friends or other helpful contacts who can make a VIP introduction so you can get a job interview or plum customer meeting.

Appearance matters during this sun aesthetic, so brush up on your presentation. Hire a photographer to take a new headshot or a designer to put your message on a beautiful visual background. Improve your media skills with a coach or mentor and be open to their feedback. Get your best contacts to write glowing testimonials on your behalf and hit the industry party circuit.

The August 11 Aquarius full moon will put you in the spotlight! Stand up for yourself, take a bold step, get ready to launch a passion project. You could drastically overhaul a part of your life or make a bold new start – ready or not.

When the sun goes into Virgo for a month on August 22, you’re ready to take a deep dive and slip out of that watchful glow. Use this focused and private energy to research, take out a complex part of a project, and collaborate with powerful influencers for mutual benefit.

Love days: 19, 25

Money Days: 5, 13

Lucky Days: 3, 11

Days off: 21, 27, 9

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