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Miu Miu Fall 2022 Collection

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have noticed the ultra-micro-mini khaki skirt from Miu Miu’s Spring 2022 collection — you know, the one that sparked Abercr*mbie & F*tch stress dreams in every millennial? – is, literally, everywhere.

Whether you’re making a viral fuss of Nicole Kidman on the cover of Vanity Fair or trickling down into the fast-fashion realm, this is the skirt of the season. And if you were one to say, “Enough,” bad news for you from Ms. Prada: It’s here to stay, at least for Fall 2022. (And despite the brand’s ability to make special for Paloma Elsesser create a custom one to wear on iD’s cover, they’re still just for the standard models! Miu Miu continues to sit out the talk about body diversity.)

This season, the micro mini gets a preppy twist, get out of the office and hit the tennis courts in an uber-short, pleated style, slung low to reveal Miu Miu branded underwear. It is styled with short polo sweaters or shirts with lace inserts, and knee socks combined with ballet slippers. There are still boardroom-ready (well, depending on where you work) versions worn with oversized blazers. If you’re not sold on the skirt, there are also plenty of shorts—as many as you could call underwear-shaped denim “shorts”—with double belts at the low waist.

Elsewhere, Miu Miu introduces his menswear, a sort of Wes Anderson-esque sporty look dominated by tennis wear. Again, proportion is key here: the shorts are short and the shirts are oversized. There are great leather bomber jackets and loafers, for those less sold on the idea of ​​pirate-worthy leather wide-leg pants.

Check out the entire Miu Miu Fall 2022 collection in the gallery below:

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