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Maggie Lindemann Brings Egoists Back To Earth With New Single, “You’re Not Special”

The alternative scene has shaped Maggie Lindemann into the intrepid performer she is today. “I love everything about it. I honestly think the community of people and what it stands for and just the overall atmosphere. The aesthetics of it, the music… I really like everything. It’s just crazy because I grew up listening to alternative music – pop punk, rock, all that sort of thing. So for me to be embraced by everyone and to be able to make music in the genre has been such a dream,” she says. She has been flying particularly high lately and had the opportunity to collaborate with Kellin Quinn on her recent song, “how could you do this to me.” “That was definitely one of the craziest moments of my career. I’ve always looked up to Kellin. Sleeping With Sirens is my favorite band. So yeah, that was insane.” Maggie is a fierce pioneer in a genre that ignores the contributions of women. “Some of my favorite artists in the alternative scene are Gwen Stefani and Amy Lee and Garbage and all those people who are women in bands. I don’t know why we are so over the moon.” are overlooked but we’ve made such an impact on the scene Women have made such a big impact I don’t know why we’re still overlooked I think it’s seen as maybe more of a masculine genre. There are so many great alternative artists that deserve the same amount of recognition, if not more. It’s definitely weird.”

Her latest single, “You’re Not Special,” targets those uniquely annoying people in your life who mistakenly assume they live rentless in your mind. “I’m pretty sure ‘You’re Not Special’ was the last song I wrote on the album. We needed another one. I went in with the intention of making a song that sounded exactly like this and then we just got it, which was really crazy because it doesn’t always happen that way. It’s about the person in your life who is constantly harassing you, but who thinks they have a bigger impact on you and they aren’t that special. They think so, but you don’t think about them too much. It’s that person who thinks they’re getting under your skin. They think they’re bothering and irritating you and stuff. And you just wipe them off. They are not that special.” Songwriting symbolizes emotional catharsis for Maggie. “Music is just my therapy. I have to get things out in order to move forward in life. I don’t actually go to therapy, so writing is my therapy. To move forward and move on from a situation, I have to write about it. So I just write everything. In my sessions I usually work with the same group of people who know me very well. I trust them. I always feel safe getting super vulnerable and talking about real things I’m really going through to get the music I write. I think the more vulnerable you become and the more depth you get, the more recognizable it is.”

Maggie’s upcoming debut album, SUCKERPUNCH, is meant to be as shocking as it sounds. “It is certainly quite an experience. The reason I mentioned it SUCKERPUNCH is because during the writing process of making the album I felt like I was being touched by so many unexpected blows and changes in my life. Throughout the album you hear about all these different things that I’m going through. Be it someone who is not special to me, someone who is way too special to me, someone who is trying to tear me down, feeling lonely in a relationship, being in love with someone you are not in a relationship with, all these different stuff. It’s a ride through the last year and a half of my life.” From “break me!” Describing the daydream/nightmare dichotomy from drunkenness to “how could you do this to me”, being a stifling ode to unhealthy codependency, the urge for dominance pulses through the album’s bloodstream. “Whether it’s someone else in control of you or just not really in control of yourself, power and control are common themes in several of my songs.”

Horror is the central inspiration for SUCKERPUNCHdown to the smallest stylistic detail. “For the rollout of the album, we created this website where you can create puzzles and unlock cover art and song titles. It was super inspired by Saw and The Matrix and even my album font is Matrix inspired. This music video [for ‘you’re not special’] is inspired by Dead Evidence by Quentin Tarantino. I’m really inspired by horror movies and just movies in general.” When it comes to women ruining things, that’s what Maggie is all about. “Even SUCKERPUNCH is a movie reference. sucker punch is this really crazy movie about this girl who gets put in this house and likes to fight and do all these crazy things. It’s about super women and it gives so much power. The cast is all women. It’s really sick.”

SUCKERPUNCH represents the culmination of countless trials and tribulations. “I’m really excited. I feel like I’ve had it for so long that I’m now thinking, ‘I just want it out.’ It’s less nerves now and more, ‘Let’s just get it out.’ I’m really proud of it. It took me the last year and a half to write it. I’m just ready to honestly move on to the next chapter and start on my next album. I like to move fast. I’m ready for it to come. I’m tired of waiting!” She will be doing two pop-up shows — one in LA at Moroccan Lounge on October 15 and the other at The Mercury Lounge in New York City on October 19. “We’re doing a few pop-up shows in LA and New York to get a little taste of SUCKERPUNCH. I’ve done my own little pop-ups, but years and years and years ago. This would be my first real work doing a body of work and I feel like it’s great for me. I’m really excited to do it. Hopefully I can do a tour after that.” Her career is just starting to take off. Maggie is the alternative Athena we’ve been waiting for. SUCKERPUNCH falls September 16.

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Maggie Lindemann Brings Egoists Back To Earth With New Single, “You’re Not Special.” Photo credit: Idan Barazani.

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