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Just a week after receiving her SAG award in a Louis Vuitton dress, HoYeon Jung opened the brand’s fashion show in the fall of 2022 at the Musée D’Orsay in Paris. Wearing slouchy pinstripe pants, a button-down with a floral tie and an oversized leather jacket, the model-slash actor set the stage for the Annie Hall-meets-schoolgirl-meets-’90s-youth-culture-meets -Nicolas Ghesquière collection to come.

There’s a rebellious sense of making room for self-expression, comfort, and gender fluidity in the face of the kind of preppy sartorial constraints the 1% must pass: office suits, school uniforms, formal dresses, etc. Ties are unabashedly colorful and floral, sometimes paired with shawls. with monogram neck. Jackets and sweaters, although neutral in color, seem ‘borrowed from the boys’. Tweed pinafore dresses have a graceful texture and pattern, worn over luxe, slouchy sweaters with knee-high boots or bold sneakers. I’m not sure a “Gossip Girl” student could even get away with such a creative interpretation of her uniform, but she’d probably try. (Call Eric Daman.)

A rich pink suit with a blushing tie, a gray overcoat and a monogrammed garment bag could make even the most right-wing fashion-obsessed person consider a conservative corporate job. For the young and creative (or those inspired by them), the suits were followed by a range of colorful tops and tunics featuring David Sims portraits of disgruntled 90s teens. Their youthful, rebellious spirit was palpable in the final looks. : Models, as if dressing for a dull formal event, covered their frilly dresses with large, boxy, menswear-inspired knits and rugby shirts.

Check out each look in the gallery below.

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